now i’m providing US located VPN/Proxy monthly service.

before this service, i have been providing JP located VPN/Proxy service.

VPN・プロキシー接続サービス 月額360円にて提供
↑ sorry, this page written in only Japanese.

for JP located VPN/Proxy service, so many users use my VPN/Proxy service
for the internet services only for the clients with IP address physically located in Japan, like Hulu, Radiko, TV streaming services.

now US located VPN/Proxy service available. i will provide it with lower price than hosting 1 virtual server.

4.50 USD / month : with free trial for 2 weeks ( paypal subscription )

please confirm you can use your intended service through my VPN/Proxy service within 2 weeks.

please start with following paypal subscription button.after that i will send email with VPN/Proxy server name, user account, password. ( some process still does not process automatically, so please wait welcome mail. it takes 48h at maximum. if you feel too late, please contact to “” )